Multiple Notes per individual

Discussion in Feature Requests Forum started by Stanley Hochstadt, Nov 3, 11:15 AM
Stanley Hochstadt
I would like to be able to add more than one Note to an individual. 2 Notes would be nice, as the information is not relevant to a Story, just additional data collected.

Having 2 Notes per individual would also allow me to group certain facts so there's clarity to the reader. For example, if I have a lot of military data, I would like that note to be separate from the personal notes.

TP does label notes as to what event they belong to, if you import a gedcom with notes that are listed as belonging to those particular events (i.e., BIRT, DEAT, IMMI, etc.). And so the type of event appears in bold, followed by the contents of the note itself. It does seem like it would be very helpful if TP made it possible for people buildng their trees online here to add notes to the specific events.

Right now, the way they do it for imported multiple notes, I think is clear. Example:

BIRTH NOTE the location of Jane's birth is under dispute, 1900 census says England, 1920 and 1930 Census indicate Canada

OCCUPATION NOTE Jane loved sewing so it was natural for her to become an accomplished seamstress.

Do you get the idea? I am working towards uploading a public tree with notes for various events in it, but have other major changes to make to the gedcom before uploading. I do see notes working this way in my private tree I use for testing features But not in public tree yet.

Sp if you are a paid member, you can download your gedcom and move the notes so they apply to specific events and then re-upload.

Otherwise, for people wanting to do all their editing online, this would be very helpful. I agree having all different kinds of notes smashed together without differentiating them is not a good way to present the information. We do need to be able to add notes when editing online, to specific events.